The Little App, Hungry with Ideas.

Just like a great deli has the freshest food, Little Deli uses the freshest technology to allow providers to reach out to their customers. Customers get a great experience all around.

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Some of the delis using the app

delis using the app

Little Updates

We have been very busy developing our product for Android users and making the ordering experience even easier. We are expecting this to be released to be in the next few weeks, but dont worry, we will be shouting it from the rooftops when its ready.

As well as this great news we have also been awarded with two amazing prizes for our business. Little Deli was entered into Enterprise Ireland Student Entrepreneur of the Year competition and Alex placed first and was named ‘College Entrepreneur of the Year 2014’.To top it of, the following week, we placed first in 'The Ireland Funds’ Business Plan competition, all of this really helping our development and future prospects.